Beyond a highly recognizable sound, MARS RED SKY have been opening gateways to new dimensions with their otherworldly songs. Whether you experience their records or live performances, their hulking yet trippy brand of stoner rock takes you onto an infinite journey.

Side A : “Hovering Satellites” off  “Stranded In Arcadia” album. Recorded and mixed by Gabriel Zander in Rio.
Side B : “Arcadia” is an exclusive track recorded live at Desert Fest London in 2013 by Harper Hug. Mixed in Palm Springs, CA at Thunder Underground Studio.

Under Licence to Listenable Records.

Available at the following formats: 7′ EP vinyl black and orange transparent wax limited edition.

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Hovering Satellites / Arcadia

Release Date : 28 April 2014
Artist : Mars Red Sky
Catalog ref. : POSH239