French trio LITTLE JIMI was born in 2017. The same year, they release their eponymous debut EP that launches the disturbing adventures of Jimi the kid, told over the trio’s releases. Bordeaux-based underground prodigies’ psychedelic and progressive rock is intense, audacious and thrilling. Their fuzzy 60s/70S-inspired notes draw heady and powerful compositions, modernised by a colourful heavy sound.

In November 2018, LITTLE JIMI ink deal on Mrs Red Sound for the release of their debut album ‘Ep.1’, and start to tour with international stoner scene major acts like Mars Red Sky, The Necromancers or Belzebong. On stage, the band’s exaltation features strength, energy and passion, as you can see with bands like Earthless or Slift. LITTLE JIMI’s two guitars together build a massive wall of fuzz through which listeners will likely never notice the absence of the bass guitar.

Their upcoming record ‘The Cantos’ is none other than the sonic initiation story of Jimi, a strange kid whose schizophrenic personality is a doorway toward an in-depth introspective and fanciful musical universe. Space rock, trippy doom and a bit of grunge are perfectly mixed here, bearing elements as disparate as hypnotic and mythological riffs in the vein of Mr. Bison or Elephant Tree, and All Them Witches’s creative subtlety. Latest LP ‘The Cantos’ is available now.

Du haut niveau musical” – DESERT ROCK

Entre folles envolées lyriques, riffs où le fuzz roi tourne en boucle, les Bordelais me subjuguent. Par l’énergie déployée sur scène et la qualité de leur interprétation, ils sont bluffants de maturité !” – SOIL CHRONICLES

Little Jimi are back with a record that can best be described as sublime”” – DOOMED & STONED

Appealing and equally addictive” – OUTLAWS OF THE SUN 

They’ve set themselves in the first-person, and it works well with their aesthetic, tapping inspiration from the progressive textures of Pink Floyd” – THE OBELISK

LITTLE JIMI – Last Cantos – 2021 – Official

LITTLE JIMI – Jimi – 2018 – Official

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Little Jimi

Benjamin Monnereau (vocals – guitar)
Guillaume Arancibia (guitar, backing vocals)
Antoine Le Gall (drums)


Bordeaux, France